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Argh. I wanted to have first comment, oh well

I would seriously pay money for this novel! How much you want for it? I'm serious.

Geez, I don't know... the number four is a bad luck number if you believe in the Chinese tradition. Pah! Keep up the inspiring work, despite the fact it can be tedious. (This includes anyone who has helped. ^_^) Btw, Happy Belated Birthday Zephan!

Muahaha.. I'm no 5! Continue with your briliiantness!! ^_^ You could get this published one day...

duuuuude, awesome GN. I luvz it more than I luvz porn, and thats a lotta luvin there.

Too bad this is the greatest comic in the world. Hans is totally awesome and everyone knows that Ryan is the greatest character ever. One more thing. I was supposed to be the second signer, but NOOO. There had to be a is-this-what-you-want-to-post thing that I failed to see. Damn it all.

Okay you don't know me but I'm a really HUGE fan. I've been with this comic since last year and I'm still hooked. I love your art style and your awesome story plot! Also your characters are very intriguing and interesting, I especially like Zephan, he's so funny. ^^ I'll make sure to stick with this comic to the very end. Lat.

Hiya! I just wanted to say that I really like your online manga. I'm addicted @_@!! The story is wonderful (it flows very smoothly), and the art is absolutely amazing! It's of very professional quality ^_^ Keep up the wonderful work!!

Oh, and I was going to draw a fanart for Zephan's birthday but everything that came out was horrible @_@!! I will send you one soon, though!!

Wahhhhhh! *jiggy jiggy jig jig* yay for you mr. Slimu! art---- so---- loverly........ my eyes!!!!!!!!!! ....... waaahhhh! yes? :D

Hi! I really love the comic! I wish I could draw like that...


Beautiful site, gorgeous artwork and brilliant comic! I wonder how you shade your comic? I haven't seen it done like that before...

I think your art is beautiful and you should make a profession out of this since you're so good. I know I'm gonna sound like a brainless fan of your manga (even though I am one) but your manga ROCKZ!!! LOL, well, didn't mean to bother you but just stopped by to tell you taht you rockz, your manga rockz, your art rockz...Everything ROCKZ!!! lol. ciao! ^_^

Hello! I read your comic! I really like how you draw the characters! Zephaniah
looks good with the glasses

Hans...I worship you. But you already knew that! *posh posh* You're characters and amazing style justare too much for words...YOU'RE IMPROVING LIKE MAD TOO! Keep up the good work. And make sure there's A LOT of Zephan to come. >:D

This is one of the best webcomics I have had the pleasure of viewing. The plot is awesome, the art is absolutely wonderful and the characters are great! I really enjoy reading this webcomic alot. Thanks for putting in the time.

Also, the layout is just downright kick ass. Mad props to you, you've done a spantastic job with this comic.

hullo! i was a fan of your site a year back or so and am very VERY happy to see that you have continued it. you are a true gem to all manga and art lovers everywhere. Luck to you.

Yes! Go Slimu! Have been a big fan of you for a long time!!! Keep up the good work! Beautiful drawings!!!! You're #1!!! And go Nightshade!!!!!!!!! Love him so much! XD

-Cat-chan =^_^=

Hi! I love the graphic novel. Xin is very funny!

Wow. You're the most talented online comic artist I've ever seen! Your story is simply amazing, the artwork is fantastic... I'm *really* looking foreward to reading a new chapter when it comes out; I'm gonna tell my friends all about your site, too! ^^ Ja na! -S.K.-chan

Wee~ ^^ I love your webcomic and love reading it! You're the best artist I've probably have ever seen (not counting the guy sitting next to me in geometry doodling instead of taking notes... wait, you're still greater!) Anyways, the picture of Zeph on the cover looks like Harry Potter.

YAYs! Finally a guestbook to sign! ::signs with enthusiasm:: I hope you have it in mind to publish this graphic novel one day, Hans! It's BRILLIANT!

::Dances:: I'm gonna name my adopted asian son after you!! Then I'll raise him to be just like you!

j/k ^.^ Didn't mean to scare you.

Ah! This is such a great manga! I'm so glad I can finally sign this and tell you how much I enjoy it.

BTW, what ever happened to Aqua Alps?

Hmmmm. ^____^#####
Your drawings make me want to be loved. *_*


I wanted to say that I'm another manga-lover-turned-fan of Directions of Destiny. I absolutely fell in love with your comic and have shown pictures of it to EVERYONE I see. (I've also gone around asking them scary questions such as "If you were to eat a carnivorous plant that had eaten a person, would that make you a cannibal?," but that's another story. . .). I just wanted to say, "Keep up the great work and keep drawing!!!"


I love you. And your art. *drool* Looks... so... freaking... professional... Anyway, keep up the jealousy-inducing work! ^^

Fantastic art, rivaled by only one other online manga that I read ( Zephan is an interesting character, but trying to fight off that plant with a broom was just pathetic.

Your comic is like totally cool, but reading the text is a pain It's so blurry on some pages!

Came here from Arcana and now I'm hooked! Beautiful art and good story so far. Keep at it!

Hello! Your manga is really cool and I come to check it when it updates. I've recommended it to my friends and they think it's great. I hope to see more and the artworks in your gallery are beautiful! :D Please keep up, you're doing a great job!!!

I LOVE YOUR COMIC!!!!!!!! I have to say your are the BEST artist i have ever seen. Including professionals !!!! Okay, maybe i have seen better, but if i have I DONT remember!! Your art is great! I also love the story!! okay...I LOVE EVERTHHING!!!!!!!!Your art, story, web design, characters.....I could go on forever!!!!!!!!!!!I found this site from arcana, i am also obsessed with that. But now im also hooked on this!! KEEP DRAWING!!! I want to read your mangas when you become a professional!!!!! So don't stop!!!!!!^_____^

*kyaaaa* it's grate !!!!! I luv it, BUT I LUV ZEPH more than anithing^^

i can't wait to see what's next ^^

Site: The layout of your homepage is looking really NICE. I loved it.
Manga: Your style of drawing is so lovely and the hero is COOL. ^^
Keep on the good work and GOODLUCK. :D

I LOVVVVVEEE YOUR STORY AND ITS REALLY REALLY COOOL THE ART WORK IS GREAT AND THE CHARACTERS ARE................JUST SOOOO cool I'm in love with your manga and I'll link you RIGHT NOWWWWW . I want to see more of your manga please keep on updating with lots of pagesssssss. I LOOOOVE Valery, Zephaniah HE IS SOOOOO HOT COOOOOOL and EVERYTHING

*geos crazy* XD

What a beautiful style you have! The story is incredible and you'll bet I'll be checking back often for updates. Keep working on this, I can't wait to see more. Great luck!

I really love your comic! I've been reading it for awhile, but been too lazy to actually sign the guestbook... >.>; Anyway, it's really great! I love your style of art, and the cool hairstyles you give all your characters! (Oh, and of course the story is cool too ^-^;)

great comic! i luv the art, and congrats on the tokyopop competition!!

Hans, after reading all the comics you have up currently, I found myself staring at my monitor in confusion, wondering, "Why isn't there any more? I want more!" Congratulations! That means you have an extremely well-done webcomic. Your art has been beautiful from the first installment, and the humor is wonderfully timed. I really love the characters, and the plot is wonderful. It reminds me of Utena, somehow. Perhaps it's the uniforms. In any case, I will assume the normal state of going to your site every day, even though I know you won't update until Thursday. This is what I do with webcomics I become obsessed with. I commend you for your amazing work, and send a hearty "ganbatte" your way to continue doing what you excel at. Oh, and at the risk of sounding like a fangirl, I find Zephaniah to be a cutie pie. ^_^


*gasp* Forgot to spam your guestbook! I've been following this manga closely (Darn that Soshi. Won't stop mentioning you!), and am always anticipating the weekly updates. Good job with the art, the story and everything else. Can't wait to see what happens to Zephaniah and Azalea xD

Very impressive works of art. Your drawing style reminded me of something I saw before. Anyway, I really like this manga, definitely have given me inspiration to create stuff. Keep this fine manga up!

Hello! I just read all your stuff on the site and I must say, I am thoroughly pleased! I read one of the comments that said something about the Tokyopop competition. Did you get a deal or something? That would be awsome if you did. maybe someday japanese people will be sending you fan art mr.hans and theyll be calling you Tsaneg-san! btw Aki Igarashi isnt my real name. Its just a pen-name I use when I sign my drawings and that I will useonce I'm all grown up and move to japan to do manga(my mind is set!). I dont want to do Amerimanga cuz to me it just doesnt seem all that appealing and regular manga artist make alot more money lol.but moneys not why i want to. but money IS good... but anyways, I really like your site layout and your art work is absolutly amazing! it looks like professionally done manga! Very good graphic novel. maybe you'll get to put out actual graphic novels like Megatokyo got to do! goodluck in all that you do!!!

~Aki-chan(or kun? i dunno)~

Excellent...I look forward to reading much, much more! The main setting of the school really intrigues me...and so does Libelle ^_^

Wow!!! Your comic thing is awesome!!! I can't wait to read the rest!!!!

wow reminds me of stuff i draw...makes me wanna do something like this...i love the layout of your site and the story soo far...^_^ read the hole thing in one day AMAZING!!....keep it up

Sweets, I don't think I ever got around to telling you, but Zephy's glasses are sexy. Does he have any shades? And if he doesn't how much do I have to threaten you until he gets some?

Yes! New pages! ^^ *sings* got to read the rest of ch. 4~! It, as I'm beginning to suspect will *always* happen, was unbelievably good. (She's envious, look!)

Oh, if I didn't mention this before, I *loved* the part where Zeph just sat there saying, "There's an obsessive-compulsive looney in my room..." That was almost as great as the note in the hall with the cow, "Dyslexia. Oom." ^-^

Waiting to see what happens in the next chapter... ^^ Good luck, and don't worry about procrastination; remember, it's an art, not a character flaw (just keep telling yourself that, anyway...)

Beautiful. Everything. @.@

Sugoi!.... Just looking at all your art makes me want to keep drawing... ^_^ The site is well done, the artwork is craftily brilliant and the story is excellant. Stick with it.

Ish so beautiful!! ::cries from perrtyness:: I love your style of drawing, I was so adicted to this after reading the first half of it...KEEP UPDATTING!!! PLEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!

I am de-virginizing your guestbook., YAY!!!

I like hte new picture up on the front rightnow, very pretty =D (is a sucker for sepia tone...well... just monotone pictures in any case)

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